Published by: Crystal Turner on 11-07-2016


Tonight, Nathan and I discussed a little on the surveillance state of America, and the drastic epidemic we are all facing in our "free" country—the United States.

We touched upon some of the solutions necessary in taking countermeasures against surveillance, intrusion, and how to possibly evade the surveillance state that has been in existence before the 9/11 attacks and the so-called "war on terrorism." I have observed most recently the issue being discussed in alternative media, and during a few popular shows such as "Mr. Robot" as well as movies, such as "Enemy of the State", and "The Net". However, I do not think these films, movies, and mediums give enough technological insight for proper solutions to be implemented.

In this post I would like to follow up on the material addressed, describe in further detail the technology being used, and to expand on countermeasures in surveillance.

The idea of surveillance only being used on “terrorists”, and criminals is a myth; we are all facing a Deep State of Surveillance in our "home of the brave" enslaved to our “smart” cell phones, X boxes, digital satellite connected smart television, living in smart cities, being watched and listened to on every corner, at every stop light. Most, if not all, emails, text messages and phone calls are intercepted with little to no regard to an individual's sense of privacy. As they say, “nothing is sacred.”

In context of this podcast, I am providing some solutions I think would be most helpful for the average American to learn and use to safeguard himself from unwarranted monitoring and surveillance.

Learn how to reset your cell phone to factory settings.
Take the battery out of your phone when not using the phone.
Go to an undisclosed location and talk face to face with people without technology such as Wi-Fi, mobiles, or computers nearby. Know your surroundings!
Let these trusted friends know of your privacy concerns and explain the reasoning why they too should be aware and take precautions.
Encourage your friends and loved ones to research and understand the dilemma of surveillance and the value of true, uncompromisable privacy.
Turn location OFF on your devices.
Limit the amount of "selfies" you upload to social media platforms.
Do not give out information unless it is absolutely necessary (this means limiting the amount of personal data you share with social media sites such as Facebook - it is NOT necessary for all 5,000 of your Facebook friends (and God knows how many followers whom you've not been fortunate to meet in person) to know where you live, or where you are "checking in").
Use a post office box address instead of your residential address to help minimize privacy violations.
Employ a VPN (virtual private network) and other anonymizers.
Use safe and reliable extensions such as HTTPS Everywhere, and DO NOT TRACK ME.
Be wary of people who send you unsolicited text messages, emails, and links in case of phishing attacks- in other words, don't click every link you see unless you are familiar with the source from whence it came!
Disable microphones and web cams on devices when not in use.
Safeguard web cams by using stickers. has one available for those interested -Laptop Camera Cover Set
Avoid signing up for the customer loyalty cards that are tied to marketers who indulge in consumer "soft" surveillance.
Guard pin numbers! Do not put them in your wallet, or write them down – instead, memorize them.
Learn how to make an extensive, strong password and use a different password for each of your accounts.
Avoid using your devices in places that provide "FREE WI-FI" such as coffee houses, hotels, airline terminals, bus lines, train depots, and fast food restaurants where Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks are likely to occur.
Make it a habit to clear your browser history, cookies, and cache on personal devices.
Do not register "burner" throw away cell phones, and avoid using trendy, expensive "smart" phones.
Do not go to places where or talk to people with whom you feel your privacy may be breached regardless of what other people say.
Most importantly, always follow your intuition in each situation; if something doesn't feel right, don't do it!

I will provide a few links and resources that led me to my own conclusions thus far in my research to help the audience along in his or her journey to finding a sense of peace in the Age of Surveillance. I hope you too will continue your own research, and share with your family, friends, and online audience proper avenues to circumvent these technologies that invade our daily lives.

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